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Have you ever worked on a product or project that flopped when it launched? Are you frustrated by the waste involved in developing new products and services that don’t meet the expectations of your customers? We all know that failure is a necessary part of innovation, but often these failures can be costly or teach us nothing.

Lean Startup is a methodology of pursuing innovation that reduces the waste involved in these necessary failures. Drawing from the principles of Lean Manufacturing, Lean Startup teaches us how to test our innovations at an early stage. Through experimentation and validating our learning, Lean Startup gives teams and leaders information on when it is time to pivot their project, or persevere with the solution they are building.

Enterprize's Lean Startup workshop will teach your team the necessary skills to approach innovation like a startup. Using a lean, low-cost approach to experimentation will allow you to de-risk innovative projects, and increase your chances of success! Email Enterprize at contact@enterprize.space to find out more!

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