Born Global Incubator 2020 Cohort 2

LOGO Dronect.png

Dronect is working on a new approach to the courier, supply and delivery industries, using autonomous drones for faster contactless delivery.


For visitors who feel the current narration solution is difficult to understand, boring or inconvenient,  KnowIt is a mobile app that provides multilingual audio commentary to facilitate visitors a better understanding of travel attractions.

LOGO Nest Box.png

For people who want a Wagtail website but don’t know how to code, Nestbox is a hosted Wagtail solution that allows them to build a site without a developer.

LOGO Trailer Share.png

TrailerShare is a platform that enables trailer owners to list their trailer for hire, to people who need easy access to a greater variety of trailers, at a competitive price.

LOGO MyAcademic ID.png

For IT teams who don’t have the time or resources to deploy an on-campus identity management system our product is an academic cloud identity service that provides global access for your academics, researchers and students.

LOGO E-Raw.png

For organisations who are struggling to support their teams to be fit, active and healthy at work we have the solution: e-learning courses that will show employees the raw data of where they are at today and how they can pivot back to healthy food and physical activity.

BuildAPI Logo SQ.png

For IT staff, business and integrators who spend a lot of time and money building virtual infrastructure, our product is a software platform that makes the build process fast and simple.

Born Global Incubator 2020 Cohort 1

Logo - Emma Bounce Hire white.png

Many households own a drill, and while some are used until their dying day, the average lifetime use of drill is just 13 minutes. For millennials, home renovators, renters and travellers Bounce Hire is a website that connects item owners of under-utilised household items to people who will pay money to hire them.

Logo - Bevan Landex white.png

We’re working to slash the cost and waiting time for Australians to get planning approvals by automating and streamlining parts of the process, so they can start building sooner.

Logo - Michael Cycle Inspect white 2.png

For cyclists wanting to protect their bike, their safety and their hip pocket, Cycle Inspect is a digital platform that connects riders, retailers and repairers for fast, simple and cost-effective safety inspections.

Logo - Doris MobiABC white.png

For Chinese candidates who need to pass the standard English test in a short period, our product is an app for phones and tablets that makes reciting large vocabulary simple and rapid to pass the exam as soon as possible.

Logo - Francis Cash Return white.png

Over 46% of Australians are living paycheck to paycheck. Cash Return is an app for consumers who want to save money, our application and web site gives you all the information necessary for a price guarantee claim if the price of an item you purchased goes down.

Logo - Julian DINK white.png

Dink is for those who want to save on travel expenses, the product I offer is an app that connects riders to exceptionally inexpensive carpools.

Logo - Matt and Tommy HatsOn white.png

For speakers and learners of Japanese HatsOn is an App which cultivates natural pronunciation.

Logo - David Guide Guys white.png

Figuring out where to go and what to experience as a tourist is a complex and expensive experience. The GuideGuys app provides low cost automated driving tours along scenic roads and tourist trails.

Logo - Juan & Erwin Grouping Mates white.png

We believe that friends are the family we can choose, that's why we have come up with a new alternative for people who are tired of spending too much money to get-together with mates. Our product is theme party boxes delivered to your door with games, music playlist, cocktails, and food snacks recipes to share and enjoy with them.