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Spark is a comprehensive free digital teaching and learning package that simplifies teacher workload by providing everything necessary to inspire creativity and foster an entrepreneurial mindset in the classroom. We aim to inspire students to think creatively and come up with unique business ideas that have a positive impact.

By integrating Spark into your curriculum, you'll be equipping your students with essential skills for the modern world. Our program guides students through real world applications for skills like critical thinking, problem solving, business and commercialisation, and communication. 

Spark also offers a flexible delivery model, allowing teachers to opt for the best outcomes for their school, such as hosting a competition where students can showcase their entrepreneurial skills and compete for prizes. Creating a competition can help motivate and engage students, while reinforcing classroom lessons. The Enterprize team can assist schools in developing a competition that suits their needs.

Contact our Spark Program Manager, Maddy, at maddy@enterprize.space to learn more about how you can incorporate Spark into your classroom today!

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Maddy Lee - Spark Program Manager, Enterprize
John Henry - Co-Founder, Merch Window
Niki Horin - Founder/Publisher, Hobartisan Books
Kaili Cen - Founder
Chris Lukianenko - Marketing Consultant 

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