Pitch Like a Startup

At its core, pitching is a technique for influencing or moving others. Perhaps to vote in a certain way, to buy a product, to partner with you, or invest in your business. Whatever you’re trying to convince them, our training offers a flexible and proven method for constructing a convincing pitch.

In this training, not only will we teach you to pitch like a startup, you will have the opportunity to practice several styles of pitches that are immediately useful in all aspects of your life.

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My team works on internal projects and I was keen to gain a new perspective on how to pitch ideas and solutions to problems in the best way possible. The ‘Pitch it Like a Start-up’ training gave us a method and technique in how we can do this in a concise yet considered way to be able to get our key "ask" across. The training was interactive and easy to engage with!

Pepper Griffiths - Leader Performance and Planning, City of Launceston